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Chest of drawers
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The company RAMOSCELLO, under the direction of Leftheriotis Sotiriou, is a company based in Agios Dimitrios Attica that deals with the manufacture of chests of drawers. The purpose of our business is to offer custom-made and custom-made chests of drawers that perfectly suit your space, providing high-quality design proposals.

At RAMOSCELLO, we understand the importance of the right furniture for the aesthetics and functionality of your space. We invest in the expertise of our staff and the use of branded products and mechanisms to create stylish and functional chests of drawers that meet your needs and preferences.

Our chest of drawers are designed with attention to detail and adaptation to your space. We are experts in utilizing your space in smart ways, offering practical storage solutions without sacrificing style and aesthetics.
At RAMOSCELLO, we understand that choosing the right materials and mechanisms is critical to the quality and durability of our products. We only use branded materials and mechanisms known for their reliability and durability. Thus, we can ensure the high quality and long-term durability of our chest of drawers.